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Why Micro lights are the future of General Aviation

I know they say that when it comes to aviation, it’s better to leave it to the experts for they sure know best but then again the mystery of how a machine as heavy as a plane gets will find balance to soar on open air and keep floating for hours and hours is quite intriguing. While in 1903 Wilbur and Orville Wright, the two American brothers built a wood airplane powered by only gasoline engine, today invention has maneuvered far and deep to the onset of micro light planes.

A micro light is defined as a plane with no more that 2 seats, a maximum take-off mass of 300kg and the ability to fly at a stalling speed of no more than 65kp/hr. With relatively short landing and take-off speed abilities, they deem ideal for use in small airfields and are mostly used for racing or leisure expeditions.

There are three types of microlight For sale:-

  1. 3-axis- A convectional aircraft controlled by the use of rudder pedals and a mounted joy-stick on the wings. Learn to fly at Cloudbase Aviation
  2. Flex-wing- Consisting of a tri-cycle pod that carry passengers sheltered under a hang-glider wing type.
  3. Powered parachutes- these fly under para-glider type of canopy wing bearing a shrouded propeller.

Given the vast advantages that the micro lights projects as compared to their normal counterparts, it is no doubt that they are fast growing to become the next best option in aviation and this is why:-


  • Speed

While general aviation aircrafts have long been preferred because they are faster than micro lights, the latest models of micro light airplanes seen at have proven faster than most existing general planes.

  • Safety

With general airplanes, the myth that they have the ability to fly in bad weather conditions also means they require a load of costly equipments on board and automatically the bad weather deprives you of the view of the flight. On the other hand, micro lights have the ability to fly slow meaning you can fly as low beneath the weather and can take an emergency landing in any reasonable grass meadow as you wait for the weather to improve.

  • Short Take off/Landing Ability

Micro lights as compared to general aircrafts have amazingly relatively short landing and takeoff capabilities making them ideal and flexible for leisure expeditions and for use at smaller airfields.

  • Affordable Cost of Purchase

They are quite cheaper to own as compared to general aircrafts and even much cheaper is the cost of maintenance.

  • Affordable flying

In terms of both fuel cost and consumption, with the ability to run on unleaded fuel, microlights for sale today beats the record and become the most affordable option there is with the low consumption property of the aircraft rounding off the whole fuel cost to affordable. Try going for an air experience days in them.


In conclusion
It is also good to remember that there is a minimum age limit for learning how to fly which is 14 years and no maximum age limit in that perspective. However, the 14 year old learner is only allowed to fly solo at the age of sixteen. In essence, with everything considered, microlights are surely the next big thing, the flexibility; convenience and affordability of microlights surely make them the next huge technology success effort.